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Super Stitches

Written by John Griffith & Cassie Appleby

The Superstitious Beliefs of my Childhood Friends

I grew up in a neighborhood with some quirky, superstitious friends.
Living next door to me was Eileen, who feared the number Thirteen

Across the street was this guy named Tuck, who believed that BLACK CATS were a cause for bad luck.


About the Authors

John Griffith

John was a kid once. Even though he is now all grown up, in many ways, he still thinks like a kid. For example, John knows that what he thinks and believes about himself matters more than the opinions of others. He also knows without a doubt, that the purpose of life is feeling joy and having fun. This is his second book.

His first book is entitled A Dad’s Fun Guide to Raising Happy Daughters: Imagination Activities Against Body-Snatching Zombie Naysayers and Other Foes of Happiness. That book is a lot of fun. This one is too.

“For you, no wall is too tall.”

Cassie Appleby

Cassie is an artist. . . an amazing artist. She was born that way.  After she graduated from college, Cassie got a job that had nothing to do with art. She did not like it, school art teacher at Glen Oaks. Today, she loves her job! Cassie knows that art is powerful stuff. Every day, she ignites and their thoughts are stimulated as they discover new problem-solving skills. But most of all, they have fun, and feel good about themselves.”  “Nothing compares to the artistic creations of young children. Their work is “perfectly imperfect.”